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The Zyle Fenster team has more than two decades of industry experience, having served more than a thousand families with our superior products. We work in partnership with architects, engineers and builders locally and abroad to create unique homes for individuals and families who want the best.

At Zyle Fenster we believe that no two homes should be alilke. The possibilities are endless when it comes to building design, and we delight in working with customers who want their homes to be as individual as they themselves are. Our expert team of designers and craftsmen love a challenge and we pride ourselves that no shape is too tricky. Triangles, circles, arches, rounded tops, camber tops and trapezoids: Zyle Fenster offers them all!

We also love to get creative when it comes to materials. Bronze-clad windows and doors are a particular speciality of ours. Bronze-clad timber windows and doors offer an extremely attractive, durable finish that works beautifully with contemporary homes. The aesthetics will delight those with a keen sense of style, while the craftsmanship is simply exceptional.

The Zyle Fenster team takes an active role in working with customers looking for bespoke windows and doors. We encourage customers to make the most of our decades of knowledge and expertise, putting our minds at their disposal during the design phase of their unique homes. We work in partnership with architects to create a vision for our customers of what can be achieved with a little daring and some superb craftsmanship.

Whether it’s an entrance door that adds character, a curtain wall that transforms an entire room or sliding doors that create the perfect connection between interior and exterior living space, we delight in working with customers to create bespoke products to meet their needs.

Whatever you may have in mind for your home, speak to one of our specialists today to explore a whole new world of possibilities. Your home can be as incredible and unique as you want to make it, so think big and enjoy being creative – we’ll support you on every step of the journey to achieving your dream home.