Gutmann are a supplier of aluminium window sills, both standard and custom shapes. As well as window sills, flashings, curtain walling, windows and more to different manufacturers through the world.

Ecowin supply window sills from Gutmann when supplying Gaulhofer windows, as well as other products. Window sills start at a depth of 50mm and extend to a depth of 400mm+. The window sills come in various shapes as well but in general they made from 2mm aluminium and can be supplied in all RAL colours and special colours as well.

Window sill depths available

Under 100mm Under 200mm Under 300mm Under 400mm
50mm 110mm 210mm 300mm
70mm 130mm 225mm 320mm
90mm 150mm 240mm 340mm
165mm 260mm 360mm
180mm 280mm 380mm
195mm 400mm

Window sill styles

The standard window sill is supplied with a 25mm upstand a 25mm downstand, however, also available with a 40mm downstand.

How do I know what depth I need?

This is a question we can help with, generally speaking if you have a wall depth of say 350mm, it would depend on where the window is sitting within the opening. For example: if the front edge of the window is sitting 150mm from the external face. You may have battens externally and cladding on top of the battens (30mm in total).

You would add the 150mm, plus the 30mm – however, we require a 30mm minimum overhang to allow the water to drain away from the face of the building. We also have 8mm rebate on the sill of the window for the external window sill to be fixed too.

So what size do we need?

  • 8mm sill rebate
  • 150mm from externall wall
  • 30mm of batten/cladding
  • 30mm overhang

Total window sill depth required is 8+150+30+30 = 218mm – this means we need to order the window sill at 225mm depth.

Gutmann window sill are supplied with a number of different end caps, dependant on the type of finish you are using and the type of build. For example, a rendered or cladded house will require a different type of end cap from a house where the window sits between the brick opening.

The following end caps are available, Ecowin use as standard B254 or B256

B254 B256 B2504 B2506

Not every window sill is going to be straight, you may need to go around a corner, or you may have a little jut out and the cill needs to go around this detail. We can supply different shapes, designs and custom sill when required. Some of the special shapes available can be viewed below.